Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Luck of the Irish Centerpiece

With the first Notre Dame Football game just a few days away
thought it an appropriate time to share a centerpiece we did
for St. Patrick Day titled
"Luck of the Irish"
Let's hope that the Notre Dame football team finds
the pot of gold under the goal post this season.

We created our centepiece by custom cutting the words
Luck of the Irish, the rainbow and the shamrock out of
styrofoam, then painting each piece and glittering them
A plastic bowl was spray painted gold and filled with
gold coins that spilled over the bowl.
A custom cut picture of a leprechaun was mounted onto
heavy cardstock and he was suspended from the pot of gold.
A gold coin was placed in his hand.
Hope you enjoy!

We have several other festive centerpieces on our site at:

Go Irish!

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