Monday, August 30, 2010

Fan Style Peacock wedding program, table numbers, menu card, food cards, thank you cards

Peacock feathers are becoming more and more popular as a theme for weddings. In some traditions the peacock is a symbol of good luck.
The above fan style program cover shows a peacock with it's feathers fully expanded and makes for a beautiful cover. We kept with the color theme for the wedding and colorized the photo so that is was only in the peacock blue tones with gold accents.

Each page of the program had a single feather as a watermark.
The program opened like a fan, and in a way resembled the way a peacock
fans it's feathers.

The program consisted of the cover page, intro page, ceremony page,
wedding party and then a thank you page.

A tent style menu card was placed on each table. Because there were 2 different
nationalities of foods being served the couple wanted their guests to be famaliar with
what was being served so we needed a rather large card for all the information to fit.
A watermark of a peacock filled the background of the card. This card was then
mounted to a royal blue metallic backcard that was folded to create the tent formation.

Tall thin table number cards were created with a pair of peacocks prominently standing
which made for a great focal point. Again the card was backed with the royal blue
metalic paper which created the tent formation.

Small tent style cards were placed at the various food station indicating
the food choices. Each card color coordinated with the blues and peacock feather.

And, finally, the thank you cards with a single peacock feather
carrying out this theme.

There are lots of options with using peacock feathers and as well as other feathers.
Let us know if we can create something special for you.

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