Saturday, August 28, 2010

45 record menu booklet and 45 & 33 record centerpiece

Drexel University Alumuni Weekend,
Rock 'n Remember was the theme.
This menu card surely got Rockin' raves.
Created using an actual 45 record for the cover.
The original record label was removed and
replaced with a custom label that was the
 logo for this event.
The center hole of the record was filled in
with the image of the logo
so that it matched the label.
The record lifted up and inside
the drink menu was printed on
heavy white card stock that was attached
to the 45 record.

Designs by Ginny also got to create a really fun centerpiece using 45 and 33 records.
The original labels were removed from the records and a custom label was created using the event logo in various colors of teal, hot pink and purple carrying thru the colors of the event.
A clear plastic tube held up the top portion of the centerpiece while supporting white mini lights for a special effect.
The base of the centerpiece was a 33 record with mylar tissue in the hot pink, purple and teal colors as accents as well as at the top of the centerpiece.
Onion grass in the coordinating colors added extra appeal to the top of the centerpiece.

Designs by Ginny was excited to create these fun centerpiece and would love to create something fun for you as well.
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  1. I would like to order something very similiar to the record centerpiece. How do I get information on pricing?

  2. Please contact me by email