Wednesday, September 8, 2010

90th photo birthday invite

Wow, to turn 90 years old, what a celebration!
To make this moment even more special we created
this tri-fold invite full of photos of the birthday boy.
The young boy and the young man by the plane are both
pictures of Dick but the way the little boy  is placed in the
photo it looks he was a part of the original photo.
We created a fun envelope for this invite with
birthday balloons and a fun frame around the
guest's address.

The above picture shows the card as you first open it with
more fun photos from the past.

This picture shows the card fully opened and the actual invitation
to the party. Each page of this invite had some picture from
Dick's past creating a little memoir of Dick
and making for an interesting invitation.

Have a special birthday person you need an extra
special invitation for, let us know and we will create
just the right one for your celebration.

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