Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Calligraphy, Envelope Addressing

Calligraphy by definition is "the art of beautiful handwriting".

When it comes to envelopes, in my opinion calligraphy is when an envelope is addressed by hand by a person who is skilled in hand writing and can produce writing that is elegant and consistent.
Calligraphy can be expensive to have done and rightfully so. It is labor intensive and does take a skilled hand.

The term calligraphy has been losely used in the wedding industry
for many other applications of addressing envelopes.
At Designs by Ginny we like to have fun with envelopes as the many samples below will show.
We have tons of fonts to choose from and
can most likely match the font of your invitation.
We also like to use a combination of fonts.
Some of the really decorative fonts make the actual address
hard to read so in those cases we like to use the fancy font
for the guests name and a simpler font for the address.
Unlike true calligraphy we are not limited to a few choices of fonts
and therefore can offer alot more options and have fun with the envelope.

The flower on the above envelope matched the flower on the invitation.

When we address your envelopes we also include
a return address on the back flap.
On this envelope we took one of the elements from the invitation
to create an envelope with a statement.
On the back flap we also included the logo
for Brides ala Mode next to their address.

This envelope will be fun to receive in the mail. The couple that the shower invitation is for met at Rack Room shoes so using a pair of shoes was very appropriate and complimented the invite.

The rehearsal dinner for this wedding was at a local restaurant
so we included the front door of the restaurant on the envelope.
How fun is that!

This envelope was just one of the envelopes in a stationery set.
Just makes you want to write a note to someone
so you can address the envelope.

Above are complimenting envelopes,
showing an outer envelope, the inner envelope
as well as a matching lining.

Above are 2 envelopes using monograms and bordered boxes.

Using your pet is so much fun. Above to the left is the envelope with the guest's address, then below one so the customer could address it herself for the extra invites she ordered just in case she forgot someone.
Then to to the right is a sample of the lining for Moe's envelopes.

We can do a coordinating lining for any envelope.

Isn't Buddy cute on this envelope. His owner ordered notecards with her and Buddy on them and we created a matching envelope for her using of course, her best friend, Buddy.

Yes, this is an envelope!
 The envelope is printed from edge to edge
show casing the customers front door.
The guest's address was printed on the walkway to the front door
making for an very unique envelope.
Don't you want to just walk right in!

Birthdays are always a special time
and you can see from both of these samples
 it doen's matter the age you can still have fun!

Just a couple more samples.

Above are just some of the different things we have done with envelopes.
We have covered them in fabric,
we have covered them in fancy papers,
we have made custom envelopes
so if you want something creative and unique
keep Designs by Ginny in mind.

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