Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mia & Patrick's Invite

This elegant invitation was created using paper from Envelopments.
The cover pattern was printed on an ecru vellum translucent paper using a light shade of purple.
A custom label was created using the same cardstock as the invitation incorportating Mia's and Patrick's initials and using a single element from their pattern.

The inside of the invitation consists of 4 layers.
The bottom layer is called Magnolia by Envelopments. It has a heavy texture and adds a special touch to the overall look of the invite.
Above that is the Micah Ecru cardstock with the pattern printed on it creating a patterned border.
Above this layer is another layer with  the solid eggplant color as another border.
The final layer is also the Micah Ecru cardstock with the invitation wording printed in an eggplant color ink.

On the backside of the invitation a custom pocket was created to hold the matching
accommodations card, response card and reception card.
The accommodations card and the reception card have the same pattern as the cover.
The response card has just the single design like you see under the pocket.
The accommodations card also has directions and a map on the backside.

The envelopes are the matching Micah ecru paper only in the text weight.
Each envelope was custom addressed and a single design was used under the address.

The return address was printed on the back flap.

Completing this ensemble a custom lining was inserted into the envelope using the ecru vellum like the cover.

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